Refer a Friend

Our referral program rewards you for sharing the joy of travel with your loved ones.  

Invite your friends and family to book their next trip with us, and you'll both receive exclusive discounts on your next adventure.


Spread the word today and let's Experience Our World together!

How it Works


Step 1

Send us the name and contact information of family and friends whom you feel would enjoy travelling with Craig Travel.

Be sure to get their permission first! 


Step 2

Upon confirmation of the new referral, you will automatically receive 1000 CT Points!

New referrals will receive 2000 CT Points and be added to our mailing list. They will also be subscribed to our monthly Travel Talk and Sail Away newsletters. 


Step 3

The first time that your friends travel with us on a group journey, you will receive a second reward of 2,500 CT Points per booking*!


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  • All points in your account will be applied to your next journey and have no cash value.
  • *A "booking" is a reservation involving one room or one cruise cabin, booked on one of our group departures. (i.e. a booking can be a couple who are sharing a room or a single person in his/her own room)
  • Only new referrals, who are not already on our mailing list, are eligible for this program.


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