Loyalty Club

You are a valued member of the Craig Travel Family, and we want to thank you for choosing to travel with us!

To show you our appreciation, ALL group members travelling on escorted journeys will receive CT Points.


Earning CT Points 

Each group journey has a base amount of points that will be rewarded to you upon your return. 

Earn a higher Loyalty Level by travelling with us frequently.

The higher the Loyalty Level the more points you will earn for each journey taken. 

You will receive a credit of CAD $20 for every 1,000 points you earn!

Points may also be awarded for participation in various contests or programs, or at the discretion of Craig Travel.


Loyalty Levels

The rate at which you earn points will increase with the number of trips taken.

Entry Level: 1-2 trips taken, earns Base CT Points.

Bronze Level: 3-5 trips taken, earns 1.25 x Base CT Points.

Silver Level: 6-9 trips taken, earns 1.5 x Base CT Points.

Gold Level: 10-14 trips taken, earns 1.75 x Base CT Points.

President's Level: 15+ trips taken, earns 2 x Base CT Points.


Redeeming Points

Points earned from travel will be credited to your account shortly after you return from your latest journey, usually within 2 – 3 weeks.

Craig Travel creates a personal account for all past travellers. Points that you earn through travel, contests and other promotions will be automatically added to your account. 

Any points in your account will automatically be applied to the final payment of your next journey. Only points earned prior to final payment date can be applied to the next trip.


Refer a Friend Program

Travellers who send us new referrals will be rewarded points twice!

When you submit a new referral, you will automatically receive 1,000 CT Points.

If the referred traveller(s) then sign up and travel with us, you will receive an additional bonus of 2,500 CT Points – learn more about the Refer a Friend Program here.


Validity of Points

  • Points do not expire unless a traveller becomes inactive at which point the traveller's account will be deactivated and all points (if applicable) will be retired from our system. A client and their account become inactive after five (5) years without a booking. They are also inactive if they ask to be removed from our database or are no longer able to travel.
  • Points applied to a journey which is subsequently cancelled will be credited back to the traveller’s account.
  • Points cannot be transferred to another person – they are valid only for the person who travelled.
  • If you have booked multiple future trips with Craig Travel that depart in close succession, the points earned from the earlier departed trips will be applied to the next as credit so long as the first trip has returned prior to the final payment date for the second trip. This can result in points from two departures being redeemed on a future departure.
    • Example 1: TRIP 1 departs and returns in May and TRIP 2 departs in September. Final payment for TRIP 2 is in June. The points earned from TRIP 1 will be applied to TRIP 2.
    • Example 2: TRIP 1 departs and returns in May and TRIP 2 departs in June. Final payment for TRIP 2 is in March. The points earned from TRIP 1 and TRIP 2 will be applied to the next group journey booked.
  • Points cannot be redeemed for cash. 
  • Points will not be earned for any trips cancelled prior to departure, regardless of the cause. 
  • NOTE: Craig Travel reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue any and all programs, including the CT Points system, at any time without prior notice. Points earned from travel, referrals, and promotions will be credited to your account and can be redeemed towards future journeys, subject to the terms and conditions outlined. Inactive accounts may result in the deactivation of points.


Happy Travels!