Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Craig Journeys all about?

Our goal is to offer meaningful authentic experiences that inspire a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit. Through immersive sightseeing and engaging interactions with local people and cultural sites, we strive to foster a greater appreciation of our global community.

We go to great lengths to ensure the physical comfort of our members, providing excellent accommodations, delicious cuisine, comfortable transportation, and more. At the same time, we encourage them to embrace and engage with local customs.

Why should I book with Craig Travel?

All of our tours are carefully planned to provide a comfortable pace, quality accommodations, in-depth sightseeing, and fully inclusive pricing. We encourage you to compare our offerings with other tours available. Check to see exactly what is included and what extras you may be required to pay.

What do you mean by 'Fully Inclusive' pricing?

Almost all Craig Tours and Cruises include all prepaid costs, encompassing airfare and related taxes, hotel accommodations and/or cruise expenses with taxes and service fees, most meals as described for each departure, sightseeing with entrance fees, gratuities for included services (such as guides, drivers, hotel staff, porters), and even airport transfers. For those residing in southern Ontario, we provide transfers between your home and the airport in most areas, while other passengers receive a special credit or an overnight stay at an airport hotel, depending on the circumstances.

Not included in the published prices are personal services and items such as laundry, telephone calls, room service, and beverages with meals or otherwise (according to local customs; for example, beverages like water, tea, and coffee are typically not included in Europe except during breakfast). Shore excursions on ocean cruises are not included unless specified.

While taxes and fees are included in our prices, they always remain subject to change. Consequently, we may need to collect supplements to cover tax and fee increases that cannot be absorbed.

What category of hotels do you use on your tours?

We consistently offer comfortable, clean, and secure accommodations, which typically entail high-quality first-class (4-star) hotels carefully selected for their pleasant locations and special amenities.

In certain destinations, we may utilize deluxe, superior tourist class, or the best available hotels, ensuring they meet our criteria for providing a safe, clean, and comfortable place to stay.

Are we expected to be physically active on these tours?

The impact of physical activity on a tour varies depending on the individual traveller and the specific tour.

Our programs do not mandate long treks or mountain climbing, but travellers must be mobile, able to walk at a reasonable pace for at least five hundred metres and to negotiate stairs. Additionally, certain tours may involve higher levels of physical activity than others.

Every group program will have a CT Rating as well as a description so you can determine which journey is best suited to you. If you have any uncertainties, please feel free to discuss your questions with our knowledgeable staff members.

If I have physical limitations, will I be allowed to join a tour?

We recommend that all tour participants be capable of walking at a reasonable pace for a few city blocks and be able to navigate stairs. It's important to note that our tours and river cruises are not suitable for passengers who require wheelchairs or walkers. However, if you only require assistance at airports, we can arrange for additional support.

For travelers with walking limitations, we suggest considering an ocean cruise where activities and excursions are optional. This provides more flexibility, allowing you to tailor your experience according to your physical abilities.

If you have any concerns or doubts about your physical fitness for any of our trips, we strongly encourage you to discuss them with us before making a booking. We're here to assist you in finding the most suitable travel option for you to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable journey!

What cruise lines do you use?

We use a variety of cruise lines, depending on the destination and style of cruising.

On many of our ocean cruises, we use Holland America Line, the highest rated Premium Cruise Line in the world. Holland America has repeatedly been voted the World's Best Cruise Value by the readers of Travel Holiday magazine and one of the World's Best Cruise Lines by the readers of Conde Naste magazine. Holland America operates a fleet of exceptionally spacious mid-size ships that circle the globe visiting all seven continents, offering comfortable surroundings, warm friendly service, exciting ports and some of the most extensive menus at sea.

We also use a variety of similar cruise lines that offer small to mid-size ships that explore interesting and exotic lands.

Our river cruises will take you to the heart of several continents on a variety of ships, each designed and suited to its locale and each offering a comfortable setting, fine food and inclusive sightseeing for your traveling enjoyment. Many of our river cruises are with AmaWaterways.

Do your tours include a religious focus?

The majority of our journeys do not have a specific focus on religion. However, there are exceptions for tours centered around religious destinations, such as the Holy Land, which will include religious themes, attractions, and visits. When feasible, we will offer optional church services at suitable times for those interested.

Many of our tour leaders are either current or former members of the clergy, but the journeys they lead do not necessarily have a religious focus. While many of our past clients have discovered us through religious publications such as the Anglican Journal, United Church Observer, and Presbyterian Record, it's important to note that the tours advertised are not necessarily focused on religious themes.

When should I make my reservation?

We recommend confirming your reservations as soon as you have made your decision to embark on your desired tour or cruise and are certain that it aligns with your preferences.

Certain departures tend to fill up rapidly, sometimes within a matter of weeks. Once a departure is sold out, you have the option to join a waitlist or consider booking for the following year.

Booking early ensures your spot on the chosen departure and, in the case of cruises, provides you with the widest selection of cabin locations. 

How can I make my reservation?

You can reserve your place on any of our group journeys online by clicking the "Book Now" button at the top of every page and on each of the journey pages.

Alternatively, you can call us at 1-800-387-8890 to make a reservation.

How big are Craig Travel groups? 

Most of our groups can accommodate up to 36 passengers. Some journeys are specifically designated as small group tours, which typically have a maximum of 20-26 group members.

Do you allow smoking on tours and cruises?

Smoking is strictly prohibited on all tour coaches, airplanes, and virtually all cruise or river ships. Most venues, including cruise ships, will have designated areas for smoking.

While we make it a point to request non-smoking rooms from our hotel partners, we cannot guarantee their availability. Hotels are only able to confirm non-smoking rooms on the day of arrival, subject to availability at that time.

If you have a medical need for a non-smoking room, please inform our office in advance and discuss the matter with your tour leader upon joining the group.

Do I need a passport or other personal documents?

You will need a valid passport for any trips that take you outside of Canada. In today's security-conscious era, passengers on domestic flights may be asked to provide proof of identity. A passport serves as your primary form of identification and proof of citizenship.

Additionally, certain countries may require visitors to obtain a visa, which is their authorization for you to enter and is typically stamped in or attached to your passport. Our Sales Specialists will inform you of any visa requirements, and in most cases, we can provide application forms and assist members in obtaining the necessary visas. If you do not possess a valid Canadian passport, please inform us at the time of booking.

Can we make arrangements to celebrate our anniversary?

Absolutely! Simply contact our staff and let us know what you are planning.


Payment, Pricing and Cancellation

What if I cancel my reservation after making my booking?

Most of our journeys are part of the Book with Confidence program, which means that cancellations made before approximately 95 days prior to departure incur zero penalties. However, please note that some journeys may require non-refundable or partially non-refundable deposits at the time of booking.

Once your booking is confirmed, and upon request, you will receive a cancellation penalty schedule that outlines the important dates and amounts for your specific journey. Cancellation penalties vary between journeys but generally start at 120 or 90 days prior to departure and increase as the departure date approaches.

The cancellation penalties represent the funds we have paid to our suppliers (airlines, hotels, coach lines, cruise lines, etc.) that they will withhold if you are forced to cancel. If you do cancel for a covered reason, you will be able to recover those funds by making a claim through your insurance.

What if Craig Travel cancels my departure?

If Craig Travel is compelled to cancel your travel arrangements, we guarantee that you will receive a complete refund, including your insurance premium.

It is important to note that if the cancellation arises from a circumstance beyond our control (such as a Travel Advisory issued by the government of Canada) and we are unable to secure a full refund of your money, we may request that you utilize your insurance coverage to file a claim for those penalties.

When and how can I make my final payment?

The final payment date is listed on each of our journey pages, in the brochures, and in your booking confirmation documents. Generally, the final payment is due around 120-90 days prior to the departure date.

You can make the final payment using various methods, including credit card (Visa or Mastercard), bank transfer, or personal cheque.

And don't forget about our Pay By Cheque Discount!

Are the prices guaranteed?

We always strive to maintain our prices as listed. While taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges are subject to change, Craig Travel will make every effort to absorb these increases whenever possible.

Once your final payment has been processed, the price of your booking will not change.

What happens if the price goes down after we make our reservation?

If we are able to lower our prices due to special offers from our suppliers, we will extend the savings to all members including those who are already booked.

If I am traveling alone, do I have to pay the single supplement?

If you prefer to have your own room, there is usually a single supplement charge. However, there are options available to avoid paying a single supplement:

1. CT Match: You can request Craig Travel to find a suitable roommate for you. Please refer to the CT Match details for more information.

2. Some cruise lines occasionally offer limited-time promotions or limited-space offers that allow single accommodation without a single supplement. It is important to book your journey early to have the opportunity to take advantage of these offers if they become available.

NOTE: Certain ocean cruise lines, like Holland America Line, provide a "Guarantee Share" option for single travelers. With this option, singles can book a specified category (inside or outside cabin) with a small supplement, and either Craig Travel or the cruise line will arrange for a suitable roommate. If no roommate is found, the cruise line will provide a single room at no additional cost. It's important to note that this arrangement does not apply to hotels booked in conjunction with the cruise.

What does the single supplement cover?

This supplement is the charge levied by our suppliers (hotels and /or cruise line) to cover the extra cost for sole occupancy of the accommodation. It does not relate to the cost of food, transportation or any other services. For instance, single passengers do not have the right to occupy two seats while on a coach tour. 

Single supplements are defined by our suppliers and are not controlled by us.

Can I preregister for a trip?

Yes! If you would like to pre-register for a trip that is still in development but will be offered in the future, you can secure your seat(s) on the departure by emailing us and submitting a fully refundable deposit. Once we have finalized all the details, we will contact you to confirm your booking.

In the event that you are no longer able to travel on a trip you have pre-registered for, we will gladly refund your deposit or transfer it to a different departure upon your request. It's important to note that pre-registration is separate from being on a waitlist for a fully booked departure.



What if I already have insurance coverage?

Please double-check and ensure that you have adequate travel insurance coverage. While most credit cards may offer or include coverage, it is typically extremely limited and may not provide sufficient protection. We highly recommend purchasing a dedicated travel insurance policy that includes coverage for cancellation, interruption, baggage, and out-of-country medical expenses.

If you already have adequate travel insurance, there is no need to purchase additional coverage. However, if you choose not to purchase insurance through Craig Travel and our insurance partners, we kindly request that you inform us as soon as possible and complete an insurance waiver.


Escorted Journeys

What is the role of the Journey Leader?

Our journey leaders have the responsibility of overseeing the welfare of the entire group and its members. They act as representatives when interacting with our various suppliers and ensure that these suppliers fulfill their obligations as per our agreements. In addition, they are entrusted with promoting the spiritual and material well-being of all group members, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable experience.

While our journey leaders are not professional guides, they will make every effort to obtain answers to your questions. However, it is important to note that our leaders may not be able to cater to individual physical needs if doing so hinders their ability to attend to the needs of the entire group. For example, they are not responsible for handling luggage or assisting with passengers' physical movements, as this would divert their attention from their other group responsibilities.

What happens if the group is too small to provide a Journey Leader?

On most ocean cruises, all planned arrangements will proceed as scheduled, and group members will receive assistance from local representatives.

For tours, if we do not have enough group members to operate with a journey leader, we will make efforts to ensure the tour can still proceed by arranging for local and/or national guides in the destination. However, if the group size is too small to be considered a group (typically less than 10 members), we may have to cancel the departure. The final decision regarding leaders is usually made approximately 90-60 days prior to the departure date.

Will we have a guide on our tour or cruise journey?  

Land tours will normally have a mix of local guides in different regions or at specific sites, but they may also include the services of a national guide. A national guide will accompany the group from arrival to departure at the destination.

Ocean and river cruises will have a variety of crew members onboard to provide guiding services, including the cruise director, shore excursion staff, and will often have expert lecturers.



When do I get my travel documents?

Upon receiving your booking, we will promptly confirm your reservation and provide you with an invoice. The invoice will indicate the date for final payment, which typically falls between 60 to 90 days prior to your departure.

Final documents, including air tickets, cruise tickets, the final itinerary, hotel lists, baggage tags, and other applicable items, should typically arrive about two to three weeks prior to your departure date.

How will I receive my travel documents?

Your travel documents will be shipped to you via Canada Post Expedited Parcel or Express Post approximately 21-14 days prior to your departure date. Please note that your documents will be delivered to your door, community mailbox, parcel locker, or apt/condo mailbox. 

If you will be departing early, moving, or will not be at your main address when your documents are expected to arrive, it is important to inform your Sales Specialist. This will allow us to make appropriate arrangements to ensure that you receive your documents in a timely manner.

How much luggage may I bring on a tour?

Members are typically restricted to one checked suitcase, taking into account airline limitations. The overall dimensions (height x width x depth) of a suitcase must not exceed 60 inches. For international flights, bags should not surpass 22 kilograms (50 pounds) in weight.

On tours involving additional local flights, weight restrictions may be even more stringent, sometimes as low as 15 kilograms (33 pounds). It is advisable to allocate space and weight in your luggage for any anticipated purchases made along the way. Detailed information will be furnished along with your final documents.

Do we require formal attire for cruises?

Dress codes onboard cruise ships may vary depending on the cruise line, and we will provide you with specific details before your departure. Generally, during the day, casual and comfortable attire is suitable. For evening wear, the dress code has become less formal over the years and is often described as "resort elegantly casual."

On longer or exclusive cruises, formal attire such as black tie or dark suits for men and formal gowns or cocktail dresses for women may be required. However, on shorter cruises lasting 7-14 days, a jacket and tie may be necessary only for a few specific events.

River cruises typically have more relaxed dress codes similar to those on tours, and formal evenings or formal attire are not usually required.

How much will shore excursions cost on an ocean cruise?

On ocean cruises, the cost of shore excursions will vary considerably from port to port and depending on the length and activity involved. Generally, you should allow about US$60 - $100 per person for a half day tour and US$100 - $200+ pp for a full day tour including lunch.

For ocean cruises, detailed shore excursion information and booking procedures are available on the cruise line's website. If you wish to book your excursions in advance, you can do so online. On river cruises most shore excursions are usually included. Information on optional excursions will normally be provided on the riverboat.


Safety and Security

How will airport security affect our travels?

Increased security is a common aspect of modern travel. It is important to allocate extra time for airport procedures and maintain patience throughout the process. Detailed information regarding airport security will be provided in your final documents.

Will I need to take any special health precautions?

Health precautions may vary depending on the destination and modes of transportation involved in your journey. We will provide you with detailed information regarding any mandatory or suggested vaccinations / inoculations for your chosen journey.

We highly recommend consulting a Travel Clinic near your location for further guidance, especially if you are venturing into less commonly visited areas.

Will there be any COVID related restrictions on my journey?

Most destinations around the world have either reduced or completely removed their COVID-19 restrictions. However, it's important to note that each destination and service provider, such as airlines and cruise lines, may have their own specific rules and practices in place. We will provide you with the details regarding these rules and common practices before your departure.

Craig Travel does not require passengers to be vaccinated or mandate the use of masks on our journeys. However, we kindly ask that everyone in our groups respects each other's desires for a healthy journey. If you begin to feel unwell while on tour, please monitor your own symptoms, use masks when necessary, undergo testing if needed, and practice reasonable self-isolation to minimize the potential spread of any virus within the group.


Special Requests

Can we upgrade to business class or premium economy for our flights?

Yes, air upgrades are available upon request, subject to availability, and come at an additional cost. The payment and cancellation terms for upgraded airfare may vary from the standard group terms.

When you request a quote for an air upgrade, we will provide you with the specific details regarding the payment and cancellation terms associated with the upgrade.

Can you make additional travel arrangements for us?

Yes! Our Sales Specialists will be happy to assist you with any requested changes to our planned itineraries. However, please note that such alterations usually incur additional costs, including adjustments to airfare, extra services, insurance modifications, and more.

It's important to consider that the inclusive nature of our programs may limit the feasibility of certain deviations. If you have specific arrangements you'd like to make alongside our group program, please inform us in writing at the time of booking and at least 1 month before the scheduled final payment date to allow us sufficient time to accommodate your requests.

Can we arrange stopovers to break the long overseas flights?

In most cases, we can accommodate your request to break your journey, but please be aware that this typically incurs an additional charge. The extra fees may include airline fees, additional airfares, additional taxes, the cost of upgrading your insurance, and any necessary land arrangements. If you are interested in exploring this option, we recommend discussing the available choices with our staff at the time of booking.

Can I use or accumulate Frequent Flyer points or Air Miles?

Our group air contracts typically do not allow for the use or accumulation of frequent flyer points. If you wish to use your points in conjunction with one of our group journeys, you will need to book the tour or cruise without including the flights. Then, you can make separate flight arrangements directly with your frequent flyer program, such as Aeroplan or Air Miles. Some travelers choose to use their points for the domestic portion of an overseas trip, allowing them to break the journey at the gateway. We encourage you to discuss the details with one of our Sales Specialists who can provide further assistance.

Aeroplan is the most common frequent flyer program in Canada, and depending on the airline you are flying with, you may have the opportunity to collect points. We recommend providing your Aeroplan number to our office and ensuring that it is correctly applied to your air reservation when you check in for each flight. This will help ensure that you receive any eligible points for your flights.

Can I arrange for special dietary needs?

We strongly encourage all travelers to inform us of any special dietary needs they may have, such as vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free, etc. Whenever possible, we will make arrangements with our air carriers to accommodate your special diet requests. Please keep in mind that while we will communicate your special requests to other suppliers, such as hotels and cruise lines, it is ultimately the responsibility of the passengers, with the assistance of the group leader, to remind the suppliers (restaurant staff, hotel staff, cruise ship staff) and be mindful of their own dietary needs in these situations.

During the tour, meals are typically served buffet-style or with a limited menu selection, which usually allows for meeting dietary requirements. On cruise ships, there are often ample choices available to accommodate different dietary needs.

Can we pre-book seat assignments for flights?

Our group air contracts provide several benefits, including reduced fixed fares and flexible payment and cancellation terms. However, it's important to note that seat assignments cannot be made prior to the online check-in window, which typically opens 48-24 hours before departure. While we collect seat requests and pass them onto the airline, we cannot guarantee specific seating arrangements.

To ensure that your seat assignment meets your preferences, we recommend checking in online approximately 24 hours before your first flight. Alternatively, you can arrive at the airport early and visit the check-in counter to request a seat change. This will give you the best chance of securing your desired seat, although availability is still subject to the airline's discretion.