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The Craig Travel Difference

Along with the assurance of value and quality and the fully inclusive nature of our tours and cruises, Craig Travellers enjoy many peripheral benefits from when they book their trip to when they are reminiscing about their journeys. Here are some of our special programs.

Inclusive Features

What You Can Expect On A Craig Tour/Cruise

Fully Inclusive Pricing

Airport Transfers Are Included

Group members joining from Southern Ontario will be provided with airport transfers, where available. All other group members will be provided with an equivalent value (a bonus credit or overnight hotel accommodations as needed).

Limited Group Size

Most of our tours are planned for a membership of between 22 - 38 guests. Cruise groups may range in size.

Comprehensive Insurance

The Craig Travel All Inclusive Insurance package is available for purchase on all our group products and provides trip cancellation, trip interruption, out of country medical, and baggage coverage. Prices will vary based on the length of the trip, age of the traveller, and the value of your journey. It is strongly recommended to obtain adequate insurance to protect your investment in travel and against unforseen expenses incurred while travelling. The insurance cost is shown with the tour/cruise description. Comprehensive travel insurance is included in the prices for all 2015 group departures. If you do not want our insurance please advise us at time of booking for a full credit. Group departures starting January 1, 2016 and onward do not have travel insurance included in the price. For more information please see our insurance page.

A Carefully Planned Itinerary

Each tour is carefully planned with you and the destination in mind. Where possible, we avoid those early starts and long days. We include sightseeing and admission charges, and we leave you free time for personal relaxation, exploration and shopping. Where possible, we include two or three night stays in areas of special interest. However, you should appreciate that some factors affecting your itinerary are beyond our control (eg air schedule changes, government rules, etc).

Exceptional Value

Because we arrange our journeys directly with our suppliers and offer them directly to you, we provide you exceptional value for your travel dollar. Our contracts with the airlines ensure that again you have the best possible value.

Travel At The Best Times

In offering just a few departures to each destination, we carefully select the best time of year to visit each area. We also select dates that offer the best seasonal airfares and hotel rates.

Pre-Tour Information

Prior to joining the tour you will receive a package of pretour information together with your choice of either our complimentary FLIGHT BAG, LUGGAGE STRAP, TOTE BAG, PACKING CUBES, or BACK PACK (complimentary items are subject to available stock). While the amount and type of information will vary from journey to journey, it will likely contain climate and clothing suggestions, shopping tips, a suggested reading list and facts about the countries you will visit. In addition, we will advise you about any health requirements and will assist you in obtaining any visas or tourist cards required (note: some countries require the traveller to complete the full visa process). Needless to say we are willing and able to answer any questions that you may have about your tour or your destination.

Congenial Travel Group

On our tours you will travel with a friendly group of people with similar interests and backgrounds.

Top Quality Transportation

Generally you will fly on regularly scheduled air carriers. Coach travel will be on the best available and most suitable coaches in each area visited. We carefully select the cruise lines that we use, thus ensuring you the highest quality of service, cuisine and accommodation.

First Class Accommodation

We carefully select our hotels to provide superior location, service and amenities. Every effort is made to provide the most suitable hotel for the itinerary being used. Generally we will stay in first class or deluxe hotels but where these categories are not available or suitable, we will use the best available hotels.

Fully Escorted Tour Programs

All tours and cruises are planned to be escorted by a well travelled, experienced Tour Escort In addition, where required on foreign tours, you will be met by professional English-speaking tour managers and/or guides. Together they will take care of all the troublesome details of travel, ensuring a carefree and pleasant holiday.

Fully Inclusive Tour Price In Canadian Dollars

You know from our brochure just exactly what your tour will cost and what it includes.

Most Meals Included

Generally, at least two meals per travel day are included in your tour cost (breakfast plus lunch or dinner). Some of these meals include local specialities and/or entertainment. The included meals are shown on each tour itinerary.

All Gratuities Are Included

Tips for porters, waiters, even for your guides, tour manager and coach drivers. In fact, tips for all incorporated services within the journey are included and will be handled by your Tour / Cruise Escort, leaving you free to thoroughly enjoy your trip. On cruises, tips for cabin and dining room staff are also included.

All Taxes are Included

These include airport taxes, fuel surcharges, port taxes, hotel and government taxes and service fees. Please note that supplements may apply when taxes and fees change after our brochure is printed.

Loyalty Club

As a valued member of the Craig Travel Family, we want to Thank You for your past patronage and to encourage you to travel with us again. To show you our appreciation, all group members, travelling on escorted journeys will receive CT Reward Points as outlined below.

Loyalty Level Number of Points Earned Per Dollar Spent Number of Trips Enjoyed
New Traveler 1 1 - 2
Bronze 1.25 3 - 5
Silver 1.5 6 - 9
Gold 1.75 10 - 14
President's Club 2 15+

Points earned from travel will be credited to your account shortly after you return from your latest journey (usually within 2 – 3 weeks). Points will not be earned for any trips cancelled prior to departure, no matter what the cause. Points earned from other sources will be assigned as earned.

CT Reward Points

Craig Travel has created a personal account for all past passengers. Points that you earn through travel, contests and other promotions will be added to your account. Those CT Reward Points will then automatically be applied to the cost of your next group journey. When redeeming points, you will receive a credit of CAD $20 for each 1,000 points in your account.

Earning Points

The more you travel with us, the higher your Loyalty Level and the faster that your benefits will grow! The rate at which you earn points will increase with the number of trips taken according to the chart listed above. Points will be earned on the basic tour or cruise cost, rounded to the nearest 100 points. Points will not be awarded for single supplements, any upgrades, optional extensions, deviations, airfares, taxes, fees and inclusive features that we pass on to clients at cost, like gratuities, cost of Visas, etc. Points may also be awarded for participation in various contests or programs (ie/ photo contest), or at the discretion of Craig Travel.

Refer A Friend Program

Clients who give us new referrals (friends, associates & others) will be rewarded points twice! When you submit a new referral, you will receive an immediate credit of 200 CT Reward Points – this will be awarded whether the new person travels or not but will only be applied once we confirm the name and address. If the referred passenger(s) then sign up and travel with Craig Travel, you will receive an additional bonus of 2,500 CT Reward Points.

Redeeming Points

Any points in your account will automatically be applied to the final payment of your next journey. Only points earned prior to final payment date can be applied to the next trip. From time to time, Craig Travel may also make available special offers (eg merchandise) which may be available for purchase with points and/or cash.

Validity of Points

Points will be valid for four (4) years from the date of issue. Points must be applied within the four year period but travel may be after that period. After four years, the points will be retired whether redeemed or not. Points applied to a journey which is subsequently cancelled will be credited back to a client’s account provided the validity period has not expired. Points cannot be transferred to another person – they are valid only for the person who travelled. Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

If you have booked multiple future trips with Craig Travel that depart in close succession, the points earned from the earlier departed trips will be applied to the next as a credit. IE// TRIP 1 departs in May and TRIP 2 departs in June. The points earned from TRIP 1 will be applied to the TRIP 2 as a credit.